Welcome to the new updated Dom & Roland Site. My new album "The Big Bang" is just about ready to come out. At the moment it looks like the 2nd week of September. 

There are already a few clips posted on my Facebook fan page. Why not become a fan, i like  to see the numbers going up =)

There are more clips up on

"The Big Bang" album is more of a solo project than my previous albums, as i had a lot of tracks i didn't want to release as singles and they all seemed to fit together. I'm happy with the final tracklist. I always feel the pressure to live up to my first album "Industry" that i made back in 1998 as it was so popular, but it keeps me on my toes.


As for additions for this site. It should now be able to be viewed on ios devices and other mobile platforms. The discogs and links to buy back catalogue are clearer and updated and there are a few more pics. More will be coming shortly.


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