Month: October 2019

Different Types Of Lingerie

Lingerie provides a great way of spicing up your sex life. It accentuates and highlights your figure thus making you attractive. Several types of lingerie you should consider are available in the market. Each one has its set of weaknesses and strengths. With the right tips on selecting the different lingerie types,  an exceptional one can be relatively easy.

This short, sleeveless top is loose-fitting. Its length reaches the waist though at times it can be cropped to display the midriff. It can also be slightly longer though shorter than a chemise. Camisole can be put on like a slip beneath a wool sweater. This lingerie is erotic and sexy whether worn with matching panties within your bedroom or with jeans outside your home

This short, smooth nightgown with small straps falls exactly above the knees. It is made of a fairly light material that is fun and frilly. The lingerie resembles the baby doll though it fits tighter to your body. Its silky material drops around your body naturally thus giving you a sexy and refined look. It is also much revealing making it suitable for indoors.

Baby doll
This extremely short nightgown flirts at the hip top. Its top half has cups, which resemble a bra. They help in pushing up and shaping the breasts. In addition, its bottom is normally a short, silky or nylon skirt. The lingerie usually comes with a matching panty since its shortness exposes your underwear. It exposes the woman’s legs fully while others emphasize or intentionally expose the breasts. It is usually worn to give the wearer a sweet and youthful appearance.

This form fitting strapless bra, made from silk, goes all the way down to the waist. Its main function is to push the breast line up by tightening it against the midriff. This makes the breasts appear fuller and creates more cleavage. In addition, the boning material that supports the breasts helps to create a slimming figure within your waist. A bustier is usually tightened at the back using a lace, zippers or hook and eye closures.

This kind of lingerie is likened to a bustier though it is stronger and tighter. It has a boning material that goes above the bodice. This helps in pushing the breasts up and together. In addition, it is hooked or laced at the back to pull the wearer’s waist in. This gives the wearer a figure that resembles that of an hourglass. However, it can also be loosely laced and worn as a normal top.

Thongs and G-strings
Thongs have an additional fabric going up at the back. They also have more coverage in the front area. G-strings on the other hand only have a string running at the back. Mostly, the two types of lingerie are commonly worn by women severally to hide the panty lines as they put on light colored or tight fitting clothing.

A brassiere is used to support, elevate and cover the breasts. The exact degree in which the brassiere frames the breasts differs with style, functionality, type and fashion of fabric. Several of the different designs are made mainly to hide the straps. However, some are specifically made to expose the breasts and to be more risqué.

Overall, wearing the right kind of lingerie beneath your clothing can make you feel sexy and unstoppable.