Indian Premier League Cricket

This is 20 cricket leagues, which is professionally played in India’s states, and it is contested every year during March, April, or May. It is usually contested by eight teams that represent the eight different cities that exist in India. The league’s founder was the Board of Control for Cricket (BCC) in India and was formed in 2008. It is the body that governs cricket sports in India.

In the world, IPL is the most-attended cricket league; according to the ranking on average attendance, it emerged sixth position comparing to all sports leagues. IPL was the first sporting event to be broadcasted live on YouTube in 2010; due to its popularity, it contributed $160 million to the Indian economy’s GDP.

The IPL tournament has gone for twelve seasons, and the Mumbai Indians are the current title holders who won the title in 2019. The 13th edition, 2020 season venue has been changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and games are now being played at the United Arabs emirates from 19th September to 10th November 2020. The three cities that are Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah will host 24, 20, and 12 matches, respectively

Acquisition of Player, Team Composition and Their Salaries

Players are acquired through; player auctions, which is done annually, trading players during trading windows with other teams, and replacing unavailable players. The team that bids the highest can acquire good players who sign up for the auction. The salary of the entire cricket squad must not exceed $12 million. The player contract is usually one year and is denominated in Indian rupee.

Tournament Organization

It is usually played in a round-robin format in the league phase, whereby from the eight teams, each team plays one another twice home and away. The top four teams after the group stage qualify for the playoffs. Winners of each playoff proceed to the next stage, which is the finals, while losers play a second qualifying match, allowing them to qualify for the IPL final; it is played against the first qualifying match-winner. The winner has crowned the Indian premier league cricket champions.