Types Of Disc Jockeys

A disc jockey, or DJ, is a person who mixes recorded music for a living. Originally, disc jockeys played phonograph records, not the modern compact discs; today, they use all forms of music playback. Good DJs can entertain people with their extensive knowledge of music and delight in sharing their passion for music with the world. Breaking into the DJ industry can be very difficult, and few people are up to the challenge of turning their dreams into reality.

Types of DJs

There are several career paths for a DJ and special schools where one can learn how to become a good disc jockey and get hands–on training.

· Radio DJ

A radio DJ is responsible for playing preselected music from a playlist created by the program director. Typically, the goal of each program is to reach a specific target audience of the station. The DJ plays the preselected music while interjecting commercial breaks and other interesting segments. Radio DJs are often famous and have the ability to reach and influence millions of people each day.

The genre of music the station plays will determine its target audience, and in most cases, radio stations avoid crossing over into different genres. In addition to playing music, a radio DJ may be responsible for conducting interviews with music artists, answering calls from listeners, and making announcements as directed by the station.

· Mobile DJ

Mobile DJs are professional disc jockeys who tour with their portable sound systems and play for a target audience from a wide selection of their pre–recorded music. Mobile DJs usually perform at different types of events including birthday parties, weddings, company parties, Bar Mitzvah receptions, school dances, anniversaries, block parties and other types of events.

There is no degree or qualification needed to become a mobile disc jockey; however, one needs talent, skill and an incredible amount of courage. Entertaining a large group of people is daunting, and simply investing vast amounts of cash on the best gear and music records is not enough to make one a successful mobile DJ. One needs to be a good entertainer with the ability to read people and choose the right music accordingly.

· Club DJ

The best club or bar DJ is the one that plays to the audience. Successful DJs are able to read an audience and are always watching the dance floor to figure out what to play next. Club DJs predominantly play in bars and clubs, and their ability to draw a crowd is the main reason they are always in high demand. The club atmosphere is like none other; therefore, club DJs need to be at the top of their game.

Choosing a Disc Jockey

Choosing a DJ for a private party, wedding reception, corporate event, block party or any other event is one of the most important decisions vital to the success of the event. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most frustrating experiences for an event planner. Everything else can be perfect but if the music is not excellent, the party will fizzle out. The most important factors to consider before booking a DJ include:

· The DJ’s professionalism

· Whether the DJ has a wide collection of music

· Whether the DJ’s music is of the highest quality

· Whether he or she has professional grade equipment

· The cost of his or her services

It is important to choose a DJ who is available and ready to answer questions. However, the best way of finding a good DJ is by talking to event organizers.